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jsdf, LLC is operated by Jason Shah

My name is Jason Shah, and I am looking to buy a B2B SaaS, software company, or IT Services business.

I am a Chicago-area native, and live in Lakeview with my wife and two kids.

I spent 14 years as the CTO of Mediafly, an enterprise sales SaaS, as we grew from 9 to 250 employees, and led a team of 100 product, engineering, designers, and contractors there.

We conducted 8 acquisitions during my time, and I was intimately involved in many parts of the acquisition cycle.

I've also helped my wife acquire three healthcare practices with real estate over the same time.

If you want to reach me, please feel free to contact me, or put time on my calendar!

Investment focus

I want to acquire a B2B SaaS, software, or IT-enabled services company:

  • That is generating $500K-1M in seller discretionary earnings (SDE) or net income
  • Which has a team of employees or contractors in place across key positions
  • That needs strong technical, customer, and/or marketing leadership to achieve the next level of success
  • Where the owner is seeking to transition management of the business

Past products

I have experimented with a number of ideas in the recent past. The end result varied from real products in-market to simply landing pages. Here are some of them. helps you get new dental team members productive faster. HR checklists, new hire onboarding checklists, daily operations checklists, 30/60/90 day plans, and more, for every role on your dental team. is your one-stop shop for understanding everything dental, from procedures to insurance, in plain English.

Spelling Test Buddy helps kids master spelling by simulating in-class tests. Upload the word list, and it sets up a test. The Buddy reads each word for your child to write down. Review answers post-test for improvement through repetition.

Spelling Test resources are a collection of resources that are focused on spelling and phonics. They are available for download at Teachers Pay Teachers. Included are Spelling Test Papers, and more are being developed.

Chicago Transit Tracker (Lite and Pro) are the two original Android apps to track train and bus arrival times for Android devices that use the Google Play Store.

Additional interesting sites